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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in California - CA

Advanced practice psychiatric nurse practitioners have a great clinical responsibility in California when it comes to serving patients with a variety of mental health issues, conditions and problems. These important health care professionals are licensed to provide a full range of primary mental health services in adults, family, children and adolescents, and/or geriatric patients, depending upon one’s certification and sub-discipline of study. These practitioners are, accordingly, financially compensated very well for these advanced responsibilities. As maintained by the website, the common psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in California is $102,000 annually. This figure is about four percent higher than other mental health nurse practitioner salaries in other parts of the United States.

Pay rates for PMHNPs tend to differ based on where in California one practices, one’s level of education, one’s sub-discipline and one’s years of experience. provides the following approximations of annual salaries for PMHNPs who are employed in these cities and towns within California: 

  • San Jose:  $119,000
  • San Francisco:  $117,000
  • San Diego:  $88,000
  • Los Angeles:  $100,000
  • Alameda:  $115,000
  • Anaheim:  $96,000
  • Bakersfield:  $90,000
  • Burbank:  $100,000
  • Chula Vista:  $90,000
  • Concord:  $113,000
  • Fresno:  $84,000
  • Ventura:  $92,000
  • Pomona:  $86,000
  • Santa Clara:  $118,000
  • Santa Clarita:  $103,000
  • Sunnyvale:  $117,000
  • Upland:  $83,000
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