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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Delaware - DE

Psychiatric nurse practitioners in Delaware work in a variety of settings, including general and specialized medical and/or psychiatric facilities, outpatient psychiatric clinics, general and specialized schools, and in community settings. Regardless of employment location, mental health nurse practitioner salaries in Delaware are very respectable. The website lists the standard psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in Delaware as $92,000. This salary is slightly higher than the average income of general nurse practitioners who practice in the state.

Even though Delaware is a fairly small state, at a total of 2044 square miles, the pay rate for its mental health nurse practitioners changes based on where in the state one is employed.   As examples, reports that the average psychiatric or mental health nurse practitioner employed in Newark earns approximately $86,000 yearly. Wilmington mental health or psychiatric nurse practitioners make about $92,000 annually. Those working in the Dover area of the state bring home income equivalent to $80,000 each year. Middletown area PMHNPs make about $90,000 per year. Psychiatric nurse practitioners practicing in the Seaford area are paid about $79,000 yearly. Those employed in Milford can also expect incomes of about $79,000 per year, while Georgetown area psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioners bring home about $80,000 each year.

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