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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Iowa - IA

Iowa is already ahead of the curve in terms of providing good health care choices for its residents as is illustrated by their strong showing in the national Health Index. Iowa ranks 6th out of all states nationwide on the Health Index (HI – 14.57).  This, in addition to the fact that advanced registered nurse practitioners, including psychiatric nurse practitioners enjoy more independence in Iowa compared to most other states makes this a great place to practice. The average psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in Iowa is also lucrative, especially when looked at in comparison to the cost of living.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners specialize in the prevention of mental and behavioral health problems and the nursing care of persons with current or potential psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric NPs can also work in academic settings as faculty or in administrative positions within hospitals such as Genesis Medical Center East, Iowa Methodist Medical Center and Saint Luke's Hospital, as well as out-patient clinics, and independent practices of their own. While salaries vary widely based on the sub-specialty (community, adults, etc.), geographical location and prior experience.

ADVANCE For Nurses published in its 2010 survey that mental health nurse practitioners nationwide made $100,914 in 2010. While that survey relied on the word of respondents from which to draw results, reports salaries based on current openings. It reported the psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in Iowa as $92,000 as of February 12, 2011. While that number is 5% lower than national average, consider the fact that Iowa has a cost of living index of 79.9. In that light, the psychiatric nurse practitioner salary is a handsome sum in this nursing licensure compact state.

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