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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Louisiana - LA

Psychiatric nurse practitioners typically make higher salaries than registered nurses, as they usually have greater responsibilities and may work with more critical cases. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) currently does not make a distinction between registered nurses and nurse practitioners when compiling salary information. The BLS reports that the average registered nurse in Louisiana earns an annual pay of $60,290, but one would expect a psychiatric nurse practitioner to make significantly more than that. According to, the mean psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in Louisiana is $74,000.

Mental health and psychiatric nurse practitioner salaries across the state of Louisiana may vary depending upon a variety of factors. These include the facility setting in which one works, the area, city vs. suburban or rural, in which one works, the population -adults vs. children vs. geriatric- with which one works, one’s level of education, and one’s years of experience. reports the following average salaries for psychiatric nurse practitioners working in these cities and areas of Louisiana:

  • Baton Rouge:  $74,000
  • Shreveport:  $65,000
  • New Orleans:  $77,000
  • Metairie:  $77,000
  • Covington:  $56,000
  • Jennings:  $67,000
  • Lake Charles:  $75,000
  • Alexandria:  $65,000

With 23.4% of all adults in Louisiana reporting poor mental health (2007 figures obtained from, it is almost certain that jobs for PMHNPs in Louisiana will be available for some time to come.

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