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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Maryland - MD

The state of Maryland recognizes advanced practice registered nurses in the psychiatric mental health specialty as professionals who are permitted to perform independently, autonomously, and in a variety of settings. Psychiatric nurse practitioners in Maryland may perform a variety of duties, including assessment, diagnosis, providing therapy, providing behavioral rehabilitation care, and using psychobiological interventions. 

Because of this great responsibility, it is expected that the average psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in Maryland would be generous. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not currently list separate salary statistics for nurse practitioners, it does note that registered nurses working in Maryland earn an average annual salary of $76,330. However, mental health nurse practitioner salaries are quite a bit higher than those of registered nurses.

Per data provided by the Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland (NPAM), the average psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in the state makes an annual salary in the range of $106,000 to $110,000. reports the average yearly salary for PMHNPs in Maryland to be $102,000, close to the range reported by the NPAM. Salaries for psychiatric nurse practitioners practicing in cities across Maryland tend to differ, as the salary figures that follow will show:

  • Elkton:  $91,000
  • Cumberland:  $72,000
  • Baltimore:  $100,000
  • Silver Spring:  $112,000
  • Columbia:  $111,000
  • Ellicott City:  $107,000
  • Easton:  $86,000
  • Hagerstown:  $83,000

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