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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Montana - MT provides an aggregate of wage data based on the yearly income of jobs posted as available and jobs currently filled.  In Montana, the mean annual salary for this career is reported to be $96,000. reports income in specific Montana cities to be:

  • Missoula: $72,000
  • Butte: $75,000
  • Bozeman: $76,000
  • Helena: $77,000
  • Great Falls: $79,000
  • Billings: $79,000
  • Rochester: $92,000

In addition to its occupational projections, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports average state-wide salaries for hundreds of careers.  According to that Web site’s data, which were last updated in 2009, Montana nurse practitioners earn about $89,000 a year.

As more people recognize the significant impact of mental health on their ability to lead fulfilled lives, the need for health experts who can help them achieve psychological well-being is certain to surge.  In correspondence with the expected 20% growth in the number of total health care professionals in the US by 2018, psychiatric nurse practitioners will find their unique skills in high demand, as they are becoming increasingly relied on to bridge the gap between good physical and mental health to support individuals across the lifespan.

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