Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in New Mexico - NM

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t provided specific information on psychiatric nurse practitioners, so indeed.com, which aggregates salaries offered in current job postings is deferred to for such information.  According to this source, psychiatric nurse practitioners in New Mexico can expect to earn approximately $88,000 per year, with this number varying depending on experience and the city in which one chooses to practice.

In Roswell, a psychiatric nurse practitioner can expect a salary between $69,000 and $84,000, although some of the neighboring smaller towns - such as Hobbs or Artesia - have positions for experienced psychiatric nurse practitioners offering salaries of up to $115,000, according to Indeed.com job postings.  In Rio Rancho, salaries average around $73,000 per year, and in Santa Fe, a psychiatric nurse practitioner can expect to earn slightly more than this, $75,000 annually.  In Las Cruces, salaries are slightly higher, averaging around $78,000 yearly.  However, in Albuquerque, as is perhaps to be expected for such a large city, salaries are on par with the state average, with psychiatric nurse practitioners there expecting to earn as much as $100,000 per year. 

Although salaries in New Mexico are lower than the national average in general, the land of Enchantment is still an excellent place to practice with a promising job outlook, due to the fact that it is relatively under-served in terms of healthcare, and psychiatry in particular. 

According to StateHealthFacts.org and Psychiatric News, the entire state of New Mexico has only 753 total nurse practitioners of any specialty, and only 274 psychiatrists, making the state an exciting place for psychiatric nurse practitioners to seek opportunities.

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