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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in North Carolina - NC

The nurse practitioner (NP) health service provider model, like other advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), is rooted in nursing. While APRNs provide excellent health care to a broad spectrum of patients, the holistic approach that is the hallmark of the nursing profession is still sustained. Perhaps that is why Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) reported after their 2008 survey that 87.7% of NPs were either extremely (38.2%) or moderately (49.5%) satisfied with their jobs. The same survey also reported that 24.1% of clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) chose psychiatric and mental health (PMH) as their study focus area, while 6.8% of nurse practitioners chose this specialty field.

PMH – CNSs and PMH – NPs are not only reputable psychiatric health care providers, but they also earn handsome salaries for their increased scope of practice and responsibility., a website that reports salaries based on available job openings, reports a salary of $109,000 for the job title of CNS – Psychiatric and $95,000 for the job title NP – Psychiatric. While both these numbers are 4% lower than the national average, the psychiatric nurse practitioner salary in North Carolina appears more lucrative when considered from the perspective of cost of living in the state., a web guide, reports that compared to rest of the US, the cost of living in North Carolina is 11.72% lower, making it a desirable state to practice as an PMH – CNS or PMH – NP.

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