Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Oklahoma - OK

According to statehealthfacts.org, in 2007 Oklahoma had 23 nurse practitioners for every 1000 residents compared to a national average of 51 nurse practitioners for every 1000 residents. Nurse practitioners might work in such urban medical centers as St. John Medical Center and Hillcrest Medical Center’s Carepsychcenter in Tulsa, or the Midwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City.  Psychiatric nurse practitioners may also work in the many rural medical and mental health clinics throughout Oklahoma. 

As cited by statehealthfacts.org, in 2007 32.6% of Oklahoma’s residents reported poor mental health within the prior 30 days.  This site also estimates that in 2008 15.1% of Oklahoma residents lived in mental health professional shortage areas.  According to statemaster.com, in 2001 Oklahoma spent $39 per capita for mental health compared to a national average expenditure of $84.78. The mental health needs of Oklahoma residents are great and will continue well into the future. 

From urban areas to the remote rural areas of Oklahoma, psychiatric nurse practitioners will continue to serve as critical members of the mental health care team.  According to Indeed.com, a psychiatric nurse practitioner could expect an annual salary of $80,000 when employed in Oklahoma City and $73,000 when employed in Tulsa.

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