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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Rhode Island - RI

According to, the median annual income for Rhode Island is $53,584, $3,600 higher than the US as a whole. Further, according to, the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner salary in Rhode Island ranges from $84,000 to $103,000. Clearly, the Rhode Island psychiatric nurse practitioner salary adequately compliments the advanced education and training required of the profession.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nursing careers are expected to grow, though at varying rates depending upon the industry. For instance, career growth in hospitals is expected to occur more slowly than opportunities in home healthcare settings. This is partially due to the fact that patients are being discharged more rapidly and therefore requiring less hospital care.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages differ, depending on the part of the state. This is obviously more of a factor in larger states, but is true even in Rhode Island. The BLS reports that the area of Norwich and New London offered a higher wage than the Providence, Fall River, and Warwick region. When searching for job opportunities, it is important to keep in mind cost of living for different regions, the amount of time spent commuting, and distance to the medical facility. These are all essential factors to consider, especially considering that nurse practitioners often work on-call and late shifts.

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