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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in West Virginia - WV

There is a potential for growth in the use of nurse practitioners in West Virginia.  According to, there were 3.2 physicians per 1000 West Virginia residents in 2009.  However, 18% of West Virginia residents reported during that same year that they had not seen a doctor in the past 12 months because of cost.  According to this same source, West Virginia had in place 40 nurse practitioners per 100,000 residents compared to a national average of 51 nurse practitioners per 100,000 residents.   According to, in 2008, 24.9% of West Virginia residents lived in mental health professional shortage areas compared to an 18.7% national rate.   These statistics would indicate that the psychiatric nurse practitioner would play a vital role in filling this mental health care gap in West Virginia.

According to, the salary for a mental health nurse practitioner in Charleston averages $75,000 while one employed in Morgantown might expect slightly more with an average annual pay of $77,000. Whether practicing in home health care through such agencies as Amedisys Home Health Inc. or large urban hospitals like the Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital in the Fayetteville area, the psychiatric nurse practitioner would be an integral part of the medical health care team providing critical mental health treatment for all members of the community from childhood to the elderly.  

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