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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Salary in Wisconsin - WI

According to, in 2009 there were 3.3 physicians per 1000 Wisconsin residents compared to a national average of 3.5 per 1000 residents.  According to this same source, in 2009 there were 59 nurse practitioners per 100,000 Wisconsin residents compared to a national average of 51 nurse practitioners per 100,000. 

These numbers would suggest that the medical community of Wisconsin relies heavily upon nurse practitioners to provide medical care to its citizens. Psychiatric nurse practitioners diagnose and treat patients using therapy and medications and work closely with physicians to create treatment care plans. Nurse practitioners serve as an integral part of the mental health care team in the state of Wisconsin. 

Psychiatric nurse practitioners provide mental health care to Wisconsin’s residents in both rural and urban areas.  They might work in large hospitals such as the University of Wisconsin Hospital and the Meriter Hospital in Madison, or the Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee. Nurse practitioners might also be employed in one of the 47 Medicare certified rural health clinics in Wisconsin. According to, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner could expect a salary of $71,000 if employed in Milwaukee or Madison and $81,000 when employed in Green Bay.

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