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Psychologist Degrees in Louisiana - LA

For students who have decided on a psychology degree in Louisiana training includes a coordinated practicum and internship experiences for specific applied areas, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, or industrial-organizational psychology.

In these applied areas, there will normally be early and continuing involvement in applied settings for students. Practicum and internship are the two levels in which these experiences will occur for those choosing to pursue a psychology degree in Louisiana.

The practicum level is a prerequisite phase of involvement that is typically on campus and is normally for academic credit. The student can expect to spend 8 to 16 hours per week on this commitment. Areas of practicum are designed to provide supervised training in appraisal, interviewing, areas of intervention and research skills, or any other skills that are applicable to the student’s experience level and specialty. Students are required to obtain a minimum of 300 hours of practicum experience before taking on an internship. This should include at least 100 hours of direct contact with clients and at least 50 hours of scheduled supervision with individuals.

The following are the requirements for a psychology internship training program after declaring a psychology major in Louisiana:

  1. In contrast to supervised experience or on-the-job training, organized training programs are supposed to give the intern a programmed and planned progression of training experiences for those who have declared a psychology major in Louisiana. Assuring the quality and breadth of the training process is the top priority.
  2. There is a specifically-defined designated staff psychologist for each internship agency. This person is responsible to assuring the quality and integrity of the training program, and for being actively licensed and certified by the State/Provincial Board of Examiners in Psychology.
  3. The internship agency should have at least two psychologists on the staff to serve in a supervisory role, and at least one of these psychologists should be actively licensed by the State Provincial Board of Examiners in Psychology.
  4. Supervision for the internship should be provided by a member of the internship agency staff or by an agency affiliate who carries clinical responsibility for the supervised cases in Louisiana. At least 50 percent of supervision for the internship should be provided by at least one psychologist.
  5. The internship should provide training in a variety of treatment and assessment functions that are directly conducted with clients who seek psychological service.
  6. At least one-quarter (a minimum of 375) of the student’s time should be spent in direct contact with clients.
  7. The internship in Louisiana should include at least two hours of scheduled, formal, and face-to-face individual supervision per week. This should be specifically intended to deal with psychological services that were provided directly by the intern. There should also be at least two more hours per week in learning activities, including conferences that involve a case in which the intern was involved, seminars that pertain to clinical details, co-therapy and discussion with a staff member, group supervision, and additional supervision on an individual basis.
  8. Intern training in Louisiana should come after clerkship and practicum experiences, and should be at the post-internship level.
  9. The internship agency should have at least two interns at the internship level of training during the training period for the intern.
  10. Trainees should have such titles as intern, fellow, resident, or a similar designation.
  11. The psychology internship agency in Louisiana should include a written brochure or statement that outlines the content and goals of the internship. This brochure or statement should state precise expectations for the quality and quantity of the applicant’s work, and it should be made available to prospective interns.
  12. The internship experience should be completed within a 24-month period, and should be a minimum of 1,500 hours.
  13. In certain applied areas of psychology, internship training may take the form of post-doctoral supervised experienced. These guidelines are outlined in the Louisiana board’s regulations.

Continuing Education

In Louisiana, every licensed psychologist needs to complete 30 hours of credit of acceptable continuing education within biennial reporting periods. Two of those credit hours must be within the topics of forensic issues or ethics. These requirements are designed to promote psychologists’ familiarity with new events within the psychology community. Continuing education opportunities are available at the graduate or post-graduate level with respect to content, organization, presentation, and quality.

There are six ways that licensees can accrue continuing educational credit hours:

  1. Completion of a course at the graduate level that is sponsored by an approved higher-education institution.
  2. An instructor’s documentation of 75 percent or more of any audited graduate-level course that is sponsored by an approved higher-education institution in Louisiana.
  3. Preparation and teaching a graduate-level psychology course in an approved higher-education institution in Louisiana.
  4. Completion of activities in continuing education that are approved or presented by an approved organization or institution. Approved activities in continuing education are:
    1. Formally planned and organized instructional opportunities.
    2. Programs that have goals that are similar to the licensed psychologists’ post-doctoral educational requirements.
    3. Professional conferences, conventions, or meetings that are intended to encourage professional development.
  5. Preparation and teaching of a workshop or seminar that is facilitated by an approved organization or institution in Louisiana.
  6. Registered attendance at a professional conference, convention, or meeting in Louisiana that lasts at least one day.
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