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Psychology Program Through GI Bill Benefits

Those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces endure many mental and emotional challenges during their service, especially following a stint in a combat zone. These people need the help of professional psychologists to keep them mentally alert and fit. Also, because of their expertise in the field of human behavior, psychologists are crucial to the success of each American military branch. This is why the military values psychologists, and it is why psychology is a great career to take on during and after a military career.

GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits for Psychology Training

If you wish to become a psychologist once your military service is completed, it’s a good idea to take college psychology courses during your service. You can participate in a psychology program through GI Bill Benefits even while in active duty status. Tuition and fees that are associated with these classes will be 100 percent reimbursed by your respective branch of the military, provided that the classes correlate with your career specialty in the military. If the classes are not related to your specialty, the military will still reimburse you for 75 of your expenses.

Veterans can participate in psychology programs through the VA GI Bill following two years of service or a separation from the Armed Forces. Veterans can take advantage of these benefits for up to ten years after their separation date. The GI Bill will cover courses for up to 36 full-time academic months.

Another suggestion is that military personnel who wish to pursue psychology degrees following their military career should try to test out of certain college courses while they are still serving in the military. This can be done via the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program. You can go to to learn more about DANTES.

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