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British Columbia Psychology Schools – BC

Psychology is the study of the processes of the mind and resulting behavior. Focusing on both the behavior of individuals and of groups of people, psychology encompasses a broad range of topics and specialties. Changes along the developmental lifespan, children, the elderly, and mental illnesses and disorders are all subjects explored by those involved in psychology. It is a wide field with many sub-disciplines. Students who are interested in attending psychology schools in British Columbia should first decide which sub-discipline of psychology interests them most. While a general undergraduate psychology program will prepare you for some positions, taking specialized graduate studies after receiving a bachelor degree will open more career opportunities.

Courses that you will take in psychology programs in British Columbia will vary depending upon your specialization, but a few classes should remain common to each program. These include research design and methodology, psychobiology, psychology of learning, cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, history of psychology, social psychology, and theories of personality.

The College of Psychologists of British Columbia is responsible for certification and regulation of psychologists working in the province. Registered psychologists have graduate training; either a master or doctoral degree in psychology. Those with a master degree are listed as “psychological associates,�? while those with a doctoral degree are “psychologists�? (who cannot prescribe medication) or “psychiatrists�? (who can prescribe medication).

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