Public Health Certification

Are there additional certifications that increase one’s credibility in public health?

There are a variety of certifications depending on the specialty one pursues in public health. Examples of these are Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), and Licensed Social Worker (LSW).

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Is there a professional organization for those in public health?

In the field of public health, what are some common job titles?

The titles within this broad field can really run the spectrum. There are analysts, specialists, managers, and directors of various initiatives. Here is a breakdown of some common titles by category found on the University of North Carolina, School of Public Health website.


    • Clinical/Registered Dietician
    • Nutritionist
    • Worksite Wellness Specialist
    • Consultant
    • Program Coordinator
    • Policy Assistant
    • Research Associate


  • Epidemiologist
  • Occupational Epidemiologist
  • Risk Analyst
  • Program Director (of academic or medical research center)

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    • Biostatistician
    • Research Statistician
    • Statistical SAS Programmer
    • Statistical Writer
    • Analysis Programmer
    • Health Informatics Specialist

Health Behavior and Health Education

    • Mental Health Research Scientist
    • Consultant Health Educator
    • Coalition Coordinator
    • Public Health Advisor
    • Program Coordinator/Manager Education
    • Research Evaluator
    • Outreach Coordinator

Environmental Science

    • Environmental Biologist
    • Water Lab Supervisor
    • Research Entomologist
    • Research Scientist
    • Consumer Health Director
    • Air Quality Engineer

Public Health Leadership

  • Bioterrorism Preparedness Specialist
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Safety & Health Specialist
  • Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Director for Public Health
  • Process Integration Manager
  • Public Health Educator
  • Environmental Health Coordinator

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Maternal and Child Health

    • Project Director
    • Public Health Prevention Specialist
    • Clinical/Medical Director
    • Program Planner/Evaluator
    • Health Scientist Consultant
    • Research Associate
    • Developmental Services Coordinator

Global Health

    • Environmental Protection Specialist
    • Statistician
    • Laboratory Operations Coordinator
    • Health Scientist
    • Public Health Analyst
    • Health Education Specialist
    • Public Health Advisor

Health Policy and Management

  • Operations Administrator
  • Vice President for Strategic Development
  • Health Officer
  • Research Associate
  • Public Health Advisor
  • Project Specialist
  • Health Policy Analyst

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