Public Health Degree

What kind of bachelor’s degree is needed to work in public health?

Since public health is so broad there are a variety of bachelor’s degrees one can obtain to pursue this field. Some chose to earn their bachelor’s in public health and others may chose a degree that relates to the specific area of public health they’re interested in. For example, for a person who wants to pursue a job in biostatistics or epidemiology, a degree in math or biology may be appropriate. A nutrition or dietetics degree is suitable for those who want to pursue the nutrition field within public health. For those interested in health services administration, a marketing or business degree is an excellent fit. A psychology, sociology, or anthropology degree would fit well for someone interested in a behavioral science or global health career. For those who want to be involved in health education, an education degree would be an appropriate match.

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Is a master’s degree helpful for the public health field?

Typically to advance in the field of public health a master’s degree is needed. Even for those who are uncertain if they want to obtain

Are internships typically required for a degree in public health?

Most programs require internships so students are able to gain hands on experience in this field. The types of internships vary based on the program and the area of emphasis in public health an individual is pursuing. Internship experiences usually vary from six to nine months in duration. Oftentimes several shorter (perhaps two to three month) internships are required so students can get experience working in a variety of settings. Settings may include local or state health departments as well as hospitals.

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