Schools of Public Health

Why pursue an education in public health?

Issues affecting public health are in greater focus now than has ever before been the case. It seems nearly every major issue being discussed in a public forum among politicians and legislative bodies domestically, as well as globally among member nations of the UN, World Health Organization (WHO), and Center for Disease Control (CDC) have been highlighting the need for greater public awareness and involvement in issues related to collective health.

For those individuals considering public health jobs, regardless of their chosen area of expertise, the soul professional motivation is the health of a given community. The education through programs offered by public health schools provide a new perspective on health such that each individual is able to be seen in the context of the community in which he or she lives.

How will public health schools prepare me for a career in public health?

The focus of public health professionals can be as intimate as providing a low-income neighborhood with access to basic medical care, or as global as working with the international medical community to stop the spread of a global pandemic. In a world that

What are some issues currently in focus in public health schools?

The international medical community has had its hands full in recent years. Pandemic scares related to various new forms of influenza, a shrinking supply of potable water, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa are all vitally important public health issues that rightfully have been receiving a lot of international attention from the schools that train these professionals.

Domestically, childhood obesity and early onset diabetes, as well as a dramatic increase in the incidents of heart disease and diabetes among adults, have been public health issues that have been the focus of public health schools and the American public health community at large. Thanks in part to the passion with which first lady, Michelle Obama, has brought these issues into the spot light, the public is now part of the discussion, and are talking about issues related to the nutritional content of school lunches and all inclusive athletic programs in our nation’s public schools.

Deadly new forms of staph and MRSA, have been affecting perfectly healthy segments of society, mutated forms of avian and swine influenza that have demonstrated the capability of being transferred from animal to human populations have also brought attention to the fact that public health is not a collection of issues with limited reach relegated only to impoverished segments of American society.

These issues have helped bring to light the very real need for well trained public health professionals concerned with educating the public, controlling the spread of disease, and providing options for taking preventative measures to stay healthy.

Public Health Schools

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