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Become a Registered Nurse in Québec - QC

As one of Canada’s most economically diverse provinces, Québec is a magnet for many students entering the health care professions. Québec has its own rules for those wishing to find out how to become a registered nurse. An RN who works in Québec falls under the regulation of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ).  He or she must be proficient in both French and English. Also, nurses working in Québec need at least three years of training beyond secondary education (equivalent to Québec’s College Level III or Secondary V level). A bachelor degree is not required for RNs in Québec. Schools that educate RNs are available in traditional college settings or online through distance education.

RN programs in Québec will consist of both coursework and practical training. Classes that RN students will most likely take include therapeutic relationships, lifespan development, biology, physiology, anatomy, illness management, community nursing, laws and ethics, drugs and disease, and a clinical internship. The clinical experience you receive in your college RN training will usually take place in a real-life hospital setting, under the supervision of an RN. It will give students a chance to practice the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom in a job setting where real RNs work. These types of internships also offer networking opportunities for future employment after graduation.

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