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RN Salary in Quebec - QC

According to the government of Québec, there are currently 70,000 Registered Nurses on the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec. Across Canada, a shortage of 78,000 nurses is expected by 2011, according to the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. It is clear that there couldn’t be a better time for students to pursue careers in registered nursing. Becoming a registered nurse is both emotionally and monetarily rewarding.

The average RN salary in Québec, per the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, is on a 12 step pay scale that begins at C$21.41 per hour and rises to a high of C$31.89 per hour. This amounts to an average annual salary starting at C$44,532 and culminating at C$66,331. There are many jobs currently listed on indeed.ca for registered nurses who wish to work in Québec. The following are just a small sampling of the varied career opportunities for RNs in Québec:

  • Registered nurse – Sante Montréal, La Baie
  • Registered nurse – Montréal
  • Director of health and wellness – Revera, Inc., Montréal
  • Field case manager – Innomar Strategies, Montréal
  • Registered nurse - Gestion M Legault,  Laurentides
  • Registered Nurse Educator- Novartis, Québec City
  • Registered Nurse – Denis Bisson, MD, Inc., Verdun
  • Registered nurse - Vigi Sante Ltee, Montréal-nord
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