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Following graduation from RN schools in Québec, you should be ready to take the Registered Nurse examination given by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ). Your training of at least 2775 nursing course hours and knowledge of both French and English qualifies you to take the examination. Before taking the examination, you must register with the Ordre under CPN status (candidates for the profession of nursing). Then you must apply to the Ordre for registration to take the RN examination, including your academic record and diplomas, birth certificate, any fees, and a passport-sized photo of yourself. The examination is offered in Québec twice yearly in French or English. It is divided into two sections, written and practical. The written section has 100 short answer questions, while the practical section offers an objective structured clinical examination, giving the candidate 16 clinical situations in which they simulate care they would provide to patients in these situations.

You must pass the examination within two years of graduation from nursing school. Once you pass the examination given by the OIIQ, you will be issued a permit to practice as an RN in Québec. You must then become registered on the Ordre’s roll by paying annual dues and requesting such registration in writing.

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