Radiologic Technologist Job Description in Florida - FL

According to the Florida Department of Health, in 2011 there are 24,000 certified radiologic technologists and technicians working in the state. Radiologic technologist jobs in Florida fall into five categories of certification: General Radiographer, Basic X-Ray Machine Operator, Radiation Therapy Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiologist Assistant. Ultrasound and MRI operators are not required to be certified in Florida. Each applicant for radiology technologist jobs in the state must pass an examination that tests their knowledge of equipment operation, radiation protection, production of images, procedures and patient care. Once certified, a radiologic technologist must complete 12 hours of continuing education courses every two years to maintain certification.  All continuing education courses must be approved by the Florida Department of Health.

In addition to performing basic diagnostic and therapeutic duties of the job, radiologic technologists in Florida are educated in and expected to know procedures to follow in a radiologic emergency. The Florida Society of Radiologic Technologists works with the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control and Regional Medical Reserve Corps to train radiologic technologists in monitoring the population after a radiological incident. Radiologic technologists are also trained in setting up community reception centers, alternate sites of care and monitoring public shelters following a radiological event.

Radiologic Technologist Schools