Radiologic Technologist Job Description in Maine - ME

A radiologic technologist is defined by the Maine Office of Licensing and Registration as any licensed radiographer, radiation therapy technologist or nuclear medicine technologist. Each of these radiologic technologist jobs has its own job description. Under Maine law, a radiographer is defined as a person who applies diagnostic radiation to a patient under a licensed practitioner’s supervision. A radiation therapy technologist applies radiation to patients for therapeutic purposes, under a licensed practitioner’s supervision. A nuclear medicine technologist uses radionuclides on patients for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes under supervision by a licensed practitioner.

Radiology technologist jobs in Maine involve the use of many different types of equipment depending upon one’s particular job title. Some of the equipment that may be used in radiologic technology includes hypodermic needles, medical radiological positioning aids, radiographic locators, x-ray bone densitometers, medical x-ray archiving software and darkroom equipment, and medical x-ray intensifying screens.

O*Net Resource Center, of the U.S. Department of Labor, notes four possible specialties for those who work in radiologic technology: Diagnostic Imaging Specialty, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technician, Computed Tomography (CT) Technologist and Mammography Technologist. A projected increase of 11 percent is expected in the number of radiology technologist jobs in Maine through the year 2018.

Radiologic Technologist Schools