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Radiologic Technologist Job Description in Massachusetts - MA

Radiologic technologists in Massachusetts are strictly regulated by the commonwealth’s Radiation Control Program; a branch of the Department of Public Health. Depending upon one’s original track of study, one may look for radiology technologist jobs in either diagnostic medical radiography or therapeutic medical radiography.

Diagnostic medical radiologic technologists commonly perform medical x-rays and digital images of patients for diagnosis and evaluation purposes. They may find jobs in hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical offices and other medical facilities throughout Massachusetts. Therapeutic medical radiologic technologists administer radiation and radiologic agents to patients in order to treat cancer and other illnesses. These jobs are usually found in hospitals, medical centers, cancer treatment centers, outpatient facilities and physician’s offices.

In order to maintain licensure as a radiologic technologist in Massachusetts, one must complete continuing education credits every two years. The commonwealth audits 10 percent of licenses that come up for renewal each year, to ensure compliance with the continuing education requirements. Many continuing education opportunities are available through the Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists. This group works to maintain high professionals and educational standards for all radiologic technologists working in the commonwealth.

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