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Radiology Technologist Salary in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

In May 2009, the average annual radiologic technologist salary in District of Columbia was $63,270, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, non-salaried workers earned a mean hourly wage of $30.42. In fact, DC is the fifth highest paying state for radiologic technologists in the country. Yet, there are many ways that professionals in the field can optimize their salary earning potentials. For instance, although some employers only require a certificate or associate’s degree in a radiologic technology-related discipline, professionals that commit to continuing education by earning a bachelor degree or higher are likely to be awarded higher salaries. Similarly, radiologic technologists in DC that gain additional training in several different diagnostic imaging procedures can also achieve higher-than-average salaries.

Even though ARRT certification is voluntary, those that successfully become certified radiologic technologists in one or more disciples frequently benefit from high paying positions. Furthermore, professionals that strive for career advancement opportunities by accruing experience and continual on-the-job training could eventually be promoted to radiology assistants, supervisors, or chief radiologic technologists and increase their occupational incomes. Finally, radiologic technologist salaries in the District of Columbia could vary depending on industry of employment, work setting, and location. Therefore, those willing and able to relocate for a particular position could secure more profitable jobs.

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