Radiology Technologist Salary in West Virginia - WV

In West Virginia, four of the top ten employers in the state are hospitals or medical centers, some of them multi-state regional hospitals. West Virginia has approximately 50 non-federal, short-term general and specialty hospitals in the state, which either have their own radiology departments or are associated with other private community providers.

Ruby Memorial Hospital with the Ruby Day Surgical Center in Morgantown is the number one employer in the state with 6700 employees. It is part of West Virginia University Hospitals and offers a radiology certificate program.

The Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital in Charleston is number two with 4200 employees.

Radiology technologist salaries for West Virginia were last published through the Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment Statistics report in May 2009. the DOL estimated a radiologic technologist salary in West Virginia to average $41,440. This broad category also includes radiology technician salaries, which skews the figure a bit lower than what would be expected for radiologic technologists.

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