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Radiology Technologist Salary in Wyoming - WY

$48,120 is the average mean annual salary for radiologic technologists and technicians in Wyoming. This is from a May 2009 Occupational Employment and Wage Estimate report prepared by the Department of Labor (DOL) based on data gathered from all types of employers.

The DOL does not break down salaries between the two jobs or by specialty, both of which will affect the final figure. Experience and education also play a role in determining wages as does geography, which the DOL does track. Following is a list of salaries for various regions of Wyoming, given from highest to lowest. One trend that can be noted is that compensation is greater in the nonmetropolitan areas of the state.

  • $54,660   Northeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area including Gilette
  • $49,650   Northwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area
  • $49,120   Southwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area including Rock Springs
  • $49,790   Casper, WY
  • $45,360   Southeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area including Laramie
  • $43,820   Cheyenne, WY

Another, more recent, DOL report, the Occupational Outlook Handbook from 2010-11, cites that the greatest employer of radiologic technologists and technicians in the country is general medical and surgical hospitals. Wyoming has about 50 of these throughout the state with healthcare playing a strong role in the state economy with many facilities among the top 50 employers.
The two divisions of the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, East and West, rank fourth and fifth on the list, with 1800 and 1700 employees respectively. Number seven out of fifty is the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper with 216 beds and 1400 care providers.

Further down on the list, at forty, is Saint John's Medical Center and Saint John's Hospital & Living Center in Jackson. The group has 450 healthcare workers and 101 beds. On the eastern side of the state is the regional 76 bed Campbell County Memorial Hospital, located in Gillette.

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