Radiologic Technologist Schools and Training Programs in Wisconsin - WI

Radiology Technologist Schools in Wisconsin - WI

There are approximately 20 instate radiologic technologist schools and training programs in Wisconsin that offer programs in radiography, radiation therapy and medical dosimetry. Based either on traditional campuses or at hospitals/medical centers these programs are at both the certificate level or offer Associate's, Bachelor's or Masters of Science degrees.

Wisconsin students can also study online either as a blended part of the above programs or as a separate stand alone program. There are many reasons for this choice - geography, programs offered, student support services, program/class timing and finances. A potential student may want to weigh the pros and cons of each institution after researching what each has to offer.

Though Wisconsin does not license radiologic technologists and has no specific standards for educational programs, it is still wise to choose a program that has been recognized by national accrediting institutions. Employers will look for this as it demonstrates the student will have met minimum yet rigorous standards in education.

This applies not only to technical competence in performing diagnostic imaging procedures and prudence toward safety, but also to providing optimum patient care within a diverse society. Medical ethics and modern technologies must be mastered as well as interpersonal skills with patients that are sometimes nervous. Certified schools will also require curriculum that is less directly related to the field but essential to a well rounded education. Coursework will include mathematics, logic, written and oral communication as well as an understanding of the various sciences and the scientific method.

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