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Become a Radiology Technician Through GI Bill Benefits

While x-ray technologists are paid well in the Armed Forces, civilian x-ray technologists (or radiology technicians) do even better. They receive an average annual salary of $56,000 in the United States, according to, which is nearly eight percent higher than the average salary of an x-ray technologist that serves in the military.

GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits for X-Ray Technology

If you wish to become an x-ray technologist during or after your Armed Forces service, you can get ahead of the game and save a great deal of cash by taking classes in x-ray technology during your military career. Enrolling in Radiology Technician programs through the VA GI Bill will prepare you for your civilian career with no personal expense to you. The military will compensate you for 100 percent of your fees and costs related to tuition and class expenses if the classes relate to your career specialty that you specified within the Armed Forces. However, even if your classes are not related to that particular specialty, the military will still compensate you for 75 percent of your class-related fees.

After two years of active duty service – or after your service in the military is finished – you may begin to use the GI Bill to pay for your radiology technician certification. You will have ten years to access the GI Bill program from the time that your service in the military is complete.

Testing out of x-ray technology classes while on active duty is also a very shrewd move. You can attempt to test out of courses via the military’s DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) program. Find out what DANTES can do for you at

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