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Respiratory Therapy Colleges Through Military Education Benefits

Utilizing the GI Bill for a Career in Respiratory Therapy

Becoming a respiratory therapist following your military service is also a great course of action, as says that the average civilian respiratory therapy salary is $56,000 per year. In fact, you can attend respiratory therapy programs through the Montgomery GI Bill after completing your military service obligations:

  1. Before you begin your Armed Forces service, correspond with recruiters who represent each branch of the military that you may like to serve. Ask them to give you information on educational opportunities in their specific division. There’s a good chance that a certain branch will afford you more educational benefits than all of the others.
  2. Go through your enlistment contract carefully to make 100 percent sure that the GI Bill will be there for you once your military duties are satisfied. As long as you pay your military branch a low monthly fee during your first service year, the GI Bill will be there for you by covering up to four educational years toward your education in respiratory therapy.

Attending respiratory therapy programs through the Montgomery GI Bill. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Pick from respiratory therapy schools that offer an accredited program, but make sure that the school accepts the GI Bill. You can ensure of this by talking to a financial aid representative from the school, or by going online to the Web site of the Veterans Administration.
  2. Complete the GI Bill application. There are three ways to locate the application:
  • Over the phone: (888) GIBILL-1.
  • Through the Veterans Administration’s Web site.
  • Through an official at the school of your choice who works on behalf of the Veterans Administration.

Not sure about which school that you’d like to go to yet? No problem. You can still fill out a GI Bill application. You will be granted a certificate of eligibility when you are approved for the GI Bill, which will compensate you for all of your class-related fees.

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