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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Rhode Island – RI

As per the Kaiser Family Foundation’s website, the number of deaths in Rhode Island due to heart disease in 2007 was 203.6. This is higher than the entire country’s average of cardiac-related deaths that year, which is 190.9. These statistics point to the need for qualified, trained individuals to fill cardiac sonographer jobs in Rhode Island. Cardiac sonographers use the two-dimensional modality of ultrasound to evaluate a person’s three-dimensional heart. Because this examination is of a living, moving organ, it is highly dependent upon the skill and technique of the operator – the cardiac sonographer.

Cardiac sonographers in Rhode Island need at least an associate degree in allied health, biological science or a related field, and/or a certificate from a diagnostic medical sonography technology or cardiovascular technology program. While Rhode Island does not require its echocardiographers to be nationally certified, many employers in Rhode Island will not hire candidates who are not certified. Other employers will hire non-certified candidates with the specification that they receive certification during the first year or two of employment. Certification is commonly done through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). Once certified, 15 continuing education credits over a three-year period must be completed to maintain certification.

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