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Gerontology Degrees in Rhode Island - RI

The first step towards getting your gerontology degree in Rhode Island is to find a degree program that matches your career and life goals. Gerontology degrees in Rhode Island can be earned at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s level, with each successive level opening up new employment opportunities and placing you in an entirely different career level. These degrees can be earned at both campus based, and online schools. Both approaches are common in Rhode Island, with online schools being favored by some for their convenience, flexibility, and wide range of educational options.

No matter which kind of school you pursue, you’ll find your curriculum will follow the same general path. Your initial studies, especially in the longer programs, will tend towards a rounded education, and to that end, you’ll study liberal arts subjects, like math, science, literature. From there, you’ll move on to the meat of your educational program, where you’ll study how ageing affects the body, the mind, and society. Caregivers will take general medicine classes on treating the elderly, counselors and social workers will take classes mixing psychology and sociology, and policy makers and administrators will study the legal, economic, and sociological impacts of ageing populations, and how best to serve them.

For those interested in entry-level work in Rhode Island, there is also several-month to one-year-long programs that offer a basic gerontology certificate. For most allied health professionals crossing over into this area of study, this is also the most common route.

Internships can be, but aren’t generally, a large part of a gerontology curriculum. Those that are going to work directly with elderly patients, administering care and treatments, will usually spend half to a whole year of their education in a work experience or internship program, but everyone else will probably only have to complete a few externships, if at all.

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