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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Rhode Island - RI

The State of Rhode Island is committed to promoting and protecting a woman’s right to nurse her child and supports organizations and health care professionals involved in promoting breastfeeding for infants and babies in a statewide effort to increase the rates that mothers breastfeed in Rhode Island. As such, lactation consultants are deemed to play an important role, providing practical breastfeeding knowledge and techniques. Helping mothers and families nurture their newborn children naturally is part of the vision that the majority of babies in Rhode Island will be breastfed by their mothers.

According to the industry job search website, lactation consultants in the United States make an average annual salary of $78,000. Rhode Island is the smallest state by area in the United States; therefore salaries may be somewhat lower than larger metropolitan areas in some of the more heavily populated states. The following can be viewed as average salaries and can be taken as a general guide.

Lactation consultant salaries in Rhode Island:

Rhode Island: $75,000/year
Providence: $66,000/year
Warwick: $68,000/year
Cranston: $67,000/year 
Pawtucket: $67,000/year

The largest industry in Rhode Island is health services and health educators such as lactation consultants play an important role. Many hospitals, including Rhode Island Hospital, Kent Hospital, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital and the Miriam Hospital, employ lactation consultants to conduct classes for new mothers and families, conduct support groups and provide individual advice and consulting.

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