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Medical Office Manager Salary in Rhode Island – RI

A typical medical office manager salary in Rhode Island is about $55,000, according to Not every city in the state pays the same, as can be seen from this list of salary figures:

  • Warwick - $49,000
  • Cranston - $48,000
  • Providence - $47,000
  • Pawtucket - $46,000

Medical office managers in Rhode Island usually make comfortable salaries, but there are several important factors to consider when determining what kind of salary you expect to make.  Chief among these factors is education, level of job responsibility, and type of facility worked at.

Practice administrators with master’s degrees, overseeing the grand business strategy of facilities like the Rhode Island Hospital, or the Kent Hospital make the highest salaries in Rhode Island.  Also commanding impressive salaries are practice managers and higher-level medical office managers working at successful independent clinics and practices.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating an increase of 16% over the next eight or nine years in the number of medical office managers working in Rhode Island, the career’s already great prospects are looking even better. The medical industry in Rhode Island is expanding, and office managers are a very important part of that expansion.

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