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Rhode Island Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Rhode Island Medical Technician Training

As is the case in many fields, success as a Clinical Laboratory Technician often depends in the level of education. While there are minimal educational requirements, requirements change all the time, but a rise in the ranks of this profession is highly dependent on meeting educational requirements. One can begin to meet these requirements as early as high school.

High school students should prepare themselves for their academic career by enrolling in science courses like biology and chemistry. If the language of Latin is available as a class, this might also be helpful when it comes to learning medical terminology.  Beyond high school, students need to enroll in a Medical Technician program as offered by a college or university. Though many of the classes involve lectures and written work, the course work should also involve a practicum or clinical rotation. An associate degree is not necessary, but may be helpful. The student should be sure to obtain at least 60 credit hours in this filed in order to be considered eligible for licensing in Rhode Island.

Once students have completed the necessary credit hours through one of the online or campus based Rhode Island medical technician training programs, they may apply to obtain certification and then licensure. For students to rise above entry level positions in this field, they may go on to pursue higher levels of learning such as is found at the bachelor or even master level. Clinical Laboratory Technicians are expected to maintain their education as the needs of the medical field change.

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