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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Rhode Island - RI

Rhode Island Medical Transcription Salaries

The average Rhode Island medical transcriptionist salary is $34,000, according to  Rhode Islanders with an interest in healthcare, strong typing and grammar skills, and a meticulous attention to detail may find some excellent career opportunities in medical transcription.  Unemployment in Rhode Island soared over ten percent in 2009, but demand for health care professionals, including medical transcriptionists, has remained strong. 

Rhode Island’s hospitals are among the state’s biggest employers, and, as Rhode Island continues to experience growth in its elderly population, demand for healthcare services will only increase.  Hospitals in the state capitol of Providence and the surrounding area, including Rhode Island Hospital and Women’s and Infant’s Hospital, are major employers of medical transcriptionists, as are local clinics, group medical practices, and medical associations.  Skilled medical transcriptionists have the option of working directly for medical professionals or signing up as a contractor with one of a number of medical transcription agencies that provide services to healthcare providers throughout the state.  However, medical transcription is also ideal for Rhode Islanders who wish to work on a freelance or part-time basis or to start a home-based business.  

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