Midwifery Programs in Rhode Island

Midwifery School in Rhode Island - RI

Midwifery is an ancient practice, and it’s one that’s gaining favor again because of its proven record for reducing birth complications.  Midwifery is viewed as a more natural method of childbirth, one that involves reduced dependency on surgical intervention.  Rhode Island has been licensing midwives since 1979; which is a span of more than three decades. 

Those interested in midwifery courses in Rhode Island have a number of options. They can enter the field as nurse-midwives or as direct entry midwives. Rhode Island is somewhat unique in that it is one of just a few states where direct entry midwives are certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board (the same board that certifies nurse midwives).

Midwifery courses in Rhode Island take a variety of forms, depending on a person’s education and their ultimate career goals.  For those just beginning their college career, a course of study is recommended that is heavy in science, particularly life science classes like anatomy and physiology.  You won’t find brick and mortar midwifery schools in Rhode Island cities like Providence or Pawtucket, but there are online nursing school options.  The aspiring Rhode Island midwife will likely want to contact multiple programs and ask about options.

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