MRI Technician Schools Rhode Island

MRI Tech School in Rhode Island

Recent changes have raised the minimum educational requirements in radiography and other related disciplines to an associate’s degree; effective 2015. Degrees need not be in radiology, but will be from an accredited institution in order to be eligible for registry.  Application, renewal and Rhode Island state licensing are separate from ARRT® certification. Once enrolled in a specific program, fundamental courses will be completed if necessary and core classes will then satisfy individual educational requirements.

In addition to a limited certificate or degree, all positions call for a high school diploma or equivalence exam, and strong identification process and CPR certification before beginning any clinical training.  Rhode Island MRI technician schools will provide technical instruction in the operation of state of the art imaging equipment, film processes and development equipment. Limited certificates or accredited degrees will require a complete series of courses in anatomy and other physical sciences. Clinical training will involve repetition of all imaging techniques and will be documented at an approved facility under a licensed radiologist or physician.

A current hot job in Providence Rhode Island is seeking a candidate who is a graduate of an approved RT program, is CPR certified and holds an active state license. Another care center in Westerly is looking for a graduate who is ARRT® certified, has a state license along with prior work experience. 

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