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How to Become an MRI Technician in Rhode Island

Though people may assume this is a field only for “techies�? the interpersonal aspects involved in a medical career cannot be ignored. Communication, patient care, empathy and ethics are as important as scanning the images. Safety and protocol are important at all times. MRI professionals must be diligent and organized because every image recorded has to be documented and properly labeled with physician/patient information. There is also a moderate degree of physical activity involved in moving people and manipulating heavy machinery.

Certification will cover state regulated procedure and individual guidelines within hospitals and private practices. Rhode Island MRI technician training is representative of national standards as Rhode Island is among the 36 states that adhere to the rules and regulations of the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists®).

Licensing and titles currently available in Rhode Island:

  • MRI Technician
  • Registered MRI Technologist
  • MRI Process Technician
  • General Radiologist
  • MRI/CT Division Radiographer
  • Radiology Department Administrator
  • MRI Network Manager
  • Registered Assistant

Positions can be full-time, part-time, flex-hours or even on a per diem basis. Supervisors are needed who fit all of the above mentioned educational requirements in addition to clinical experience. Special preference is given to managers with strong communication skills or human relation experience.

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