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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Rhode Island - RI

Schooling in nuclear medicine technology is a prerequisite to becoming a licensed nuclear medicine technologist in Rhode Island. As one must be nationally certified in order to gain a state license, one must follow the educational guidelines of the ARRT or of the NMTCB. This requires enrolling in one of the wide variety of approved and accredited nuclear medicine technologist schools in Rhode Island or in any of the United States.

You can expect to go to school for a minimum of one year to a maximum of four years in your nuclear medicine technology training program. Basic coursework will include topics such as cell biology, chemistry, human physiology and public speaking. Courses exclusive to nuclear medicine that you can expect to take include radiation protection, in vivo biology and radiology, and tomographic imaging. Besides the didactic portion of your nuclear medicine technology training, there will also be a clinical competency training section. Here, you will be taken to either a simulated or real medical facility where you will learn procedures used in patient care, diagnosis and treatment. All of these will be evaluated in order for you to graduate from school. In addition, all of these competencies and the knowledge gained will be tested when you sit for a national certification exam.

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