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Rhode Island Healthcare Informatics Salary - RI

Healthcare and nursing informatics salaries vary throughout the country, dependent mostly on educational background, professional experience, and geographical location.  For the employees at the low end of the informatics wage scale—health information technicians—the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) calculated the national median annual wage to be $30,610 in 2008, with pharmaceutical companies paying top dollar at $56,320.  Meanwhile, professionals with graduate degrees or certifications, such as registered nurses and nursing informatics specialists, were ranked near the top of the wage scale.  The bureau calculated their national median annual salary as $62,450 in 2008 (bls.gov).

The bureau’s data for Rhode Island indicate earnings for these specialties exceed the national averages.  In 2008, health information technicians earned a median yearly salary of $36,580.  A nursing informatics’ salary in Rhode Island, included as part of the registered nurse occupational specialty by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, averaged $67,810 in 2008 (bls.gov).  Up-to-date salary numbers from the popular online job search site indeed.com, confirm the wide range of healthcare informatics salaries.  Individuals near the top, such as the more highly educated nursing informatics specialists, have a yearly compensation rate of 87% more than the less educated healthcare technicians.  Rhode Island nursing informatics salary statistics for the state’s three largest cities are (indeed.com):  

  • $71,000 - Cranston
  • $70,000 – Providence                     
  • $72,000 - Warwick

By contrast, Rhode Island healthcare technician salaries are (indeed.com):

  • $38,000 - Cranston
  • $37,000 – Providence                     
  • $38,000 - Warwick

Rhode Island is experiencing the perfect storm of a rapidly growing elderly population while fewer young people are entering the healthcare work force.  This has created a serious shortage of advanced practice nurses like nursing informatics, nursing faculty, and other healthcare leadership positions.  For those who step up and meet this challenge, generous compensation and an abundance of career opportunities await.

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