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Personal Trainer in the State of Rhode Island

For gregarious, extroverted, fitness-loving residents of Rhode Island, personal trainer certification may be just what you are looking for.  National and state trends show jobs in this profession are on the rise.  With 400 miles of coastline and plenty of open space, Rhode Islanders are accustomed to being outdoors sailing, biking, hiking, swimming, fishing, and paddling.  Many residents and visitors in this state are already active, which makes a career in personal training here a good option for like-minded fitness buffs. 

Personal trainers have a flexible job, and depending on their employment situation, may be able to set their own schedules, whether full or part-time, evenings or mornings, weekdays or weekends.  There is an array of employment opportunities and schedules for those seeking jobs in large gyms, health clubs, and hotels across the state.  Self-employed personal trainers can be mobile, offering training at clients’ home gyms or anywhere else the client and trainer agree on.   Rhode Island offers plenty of outdoor options for working on personal fitness and training.  

How to Become a Personal Trainer in the State of Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island does not currently regulate the personal trainer profession, as personal trainers in Rhode Island do not need a state license.  However, employers and clients expect personal trainers to abide by certain national standards.  The minimum requirements for employment as a personal trainer in the state of Rhode Island are a personal training certification, CPR certification, and possibly Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) certification. 

To take the national certification exam, a candidate must be at least 18 years old and, in some cases, have a high school diploma.  Prior to taking the exam, candidates will have the opportunity to download study materials from the Internet, or to attend classes or workshops to prepare.  The cost for taking the exam depends on the certifying agency, and on how much exam preparation is offered to candidates. To become certified, personal trainers will be tested on fundamental elements of personal training, such as fitness, exercise, human anatomy, nutrition, and working with clients. Depending on which certifying agency you test with, you may need to register online to schedule your test at locations throughout Rhode Island.   

Once certified by a national organization, personal trainers can apply for positions anywhere in Rhode Island offering employment.  Facilities that traditionally employ personal trainers include fitness centers, gyms, health clubs, and professional athletic organizations.  Personal trainers can also find work independently with individual clients on an hourly basis. Employers and clients will expect personal trainers to have a repertoire of training programs targeting specific areas of the body and different levels of client fitness, from beginner to advanced. 

Rhode Island personal trainers do more than just show clients how to lift weights and get in shape.  They are involved in recruiting clients, customer service, and sales.  If you are self-employed, you will also handle the financial and promotional aspects of your business.  Furthermore, self-employed personal trainers will need to handle other administrative tasks of their job such as liability insurance and taxes.

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