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Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician in Rhode Island – RI

In Rhode Island, most pharmacy technicians earn about $14.53 an hour; while the average salary for a pharmacy technician in Rhode Island is approximately $30,230 per year. Yet, there is a large gap in salary earnings when looking at professionals with a few years of experience. The top 10% of professionals in this field have reported earning an astounding $40,510 per year; which is about 25% higher than the statewide average for this profession. So, one of the keys to increasing your financial potential is to stick with the profession and get some on-the-job experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for pharmacy technicians are likely to increase by 25% through 2018; which is significantly higher than the projected 9% for most other general occupations. One of the key reasons that pharmacy technicians are seeing an increased demand for their expertise is the growing need for medical care, which essentially creates a greater need for pharmaceutical drugs. Statistically, Rhode Island has a higher rate of poor mental health at 34.6% of the total population when compared with the rest of the nation. Conditions like these do require regular medicinal treatment, so this is a significant factor contributing to the need for pharmacy techs in Rhode Island.

Average salary figures throughout Rhode Island:

  • Providence: $29,950
  • Warwick: $29,950
  • Cranston: $29,000
  • Pawtucket: $29,000

Salary figures are courtesy of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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