How to Become a Radiology Tech in Rhode Island - RI

Rhode Island is home to a number of renowned medical and research facilities and where Radiologic Technologists (RT) can find stable and rewarding work. With miles and miles of coastline, this state can also be a great place to spend your days off sailing, swimming, jogging or hiking.

Rhode Island is one of the many states that requires Radiologic Technologists, or x-ray techs as they are commonly known, to obtain state licensing before working. Before RTs can be licensed in Rhode Island, they must complete educational and national certification requirements.

To get an RT license in Rhode Island, candidates must follow this process:

  1. Complete a Rhode Island radiology tech training program. X-ray tech training is frequently offered by hospitals, or in collaboration between a hospital and local college. Programs range from two to four years.
  2. Once candidates have completed the educational requirements, they must apply to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination. This exam requires an application and fee, as well as official and complete transcripts from your accredited Radiologic Technology program.
  3. After certification, another option for RTs (which may be required by future employers) is to register with the ARRT after certification. This involves an annual fee and requires that x-ray techs uphold certain ethical standards in the industry. Only registered x-ray techs can use the R.T. title after their name. This is something for RTs to consider when marketing themselves to employers.
  4. Upon certification with the ARRT, candidates may then apply for Rhode Island state licensure as a Radiologic Technologist. This process involves sending in an application with a ssport photo, resume, ARRT certification perwork, and a non-refundable $90 fee to the Rhode Island Board of Radiologic Technology. Once the Board receives the application and all attachments, expect it to take 4-6 weeks for processing. The Board will issue successful applicants a license and wallet-sized card in the mail.

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