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RN Degrees Through GI Bill Benefits

GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits for Registered Nursing Training

Those who wish to purse RN careers through the VA GI Bill following their active military duty should take college courses while they are still active. By taking classes during hours in which they are off-duty, aspiring registered nurses will receive a 100 percent fee and tuition reimbursement by the military branch with which they are affiliated, as long as those classes are directly related to their military career specialty. However, even if the classes are unrelated, the military will pay for up to 75 percent of class expenses.
Military veterans can take advantage of the GI Bill to attend registered nurse schools after two years of service in the military or following a military separation. They can utilize all of the GI Bill’s benefits for a maximum of ten years following the date of separation. This covers full-time courses for up to 36 academic months.

It is also recommended that aspiring registered nurses attempt to test out of college courses. They can utilize this shortcut through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program. To learn more about the way that DANTES works, go to http://www.military.com/timesaving-programs/defense-activity-for-non-traditional-education-support-dantes.

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