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RN Certification Through Military Education Benefits

How to Use the GI Bill to Advance Registered Nursing Training

To take full advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill, these are some preliminary steps that you should take:

  1. Before becoming an active military member, inquire with more than one recruiter about the possibility of educational benefits via their particular military branch. Some branches of the Armed Forces provide greater educational benefits than others.
  2. Check your enlistment contract to make sure that you will indeed participate in the GI Bill program. This program gives you the opportunity to receive payments for school costs for up to four years as long as you contribute a small monthly payment during your first enlisted year in the military. (Note: As an active member of the military, you are probably a participant in the GI Bill program unless you were otherwise instructed.)

Here are the appropriate steps to take in order to attend RN schools through the Montgomery GI Bill to continue your post-military education, or to become a registered nurse after your military service:

  1. Pick from registered nurse schools or educational institution that offer a an RN program and accepts the GI Bill. Applicants must either proceed to the Web site for the Veterans Administration and perform a school search there, or talk to a member of the school’s department of financial aid to determine if the school is a GI Bill participant.
  2. Complete a GI Bill application, which can be found at the Veterans Administration Web site or via phone at (888) GIBILL-1. An application can also be obtained through the school’s Veterans Administration certifying official; this person can usually be found the department of financial aid.
  3. If you are unsure as to which school you will attend for your registered nursing classes, you can still apply for GI Bill education benefits by completing and submitting an application to the Veterans Administration office in your area. You will receive an eligibility certificate if you qualify.
  4. If you qualify, the GI Bill will cover all of your expenses when you take post-military registered nursing exams.
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