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Social Work Degrees in British Columbia – BC

Before becoming a social worker, one must obtain a social work degree in British Columbia, other parts of Canada, or the United States. You may choose from a host of schools that are accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work or the Council on Social Work Education. Some social worker positions require a bachelor degree in social work (BSW) while other employers prefer that you attend graduate programs in social work and obtain either a master in social work (MSW) or Ph.D. in social work. A bachelor degree program takes about four years to complete, with a master program taking an additional two years on average and a Ph.D. program two to four years more.

Continuing education for social workers in British Columbia is not required by the British Columbia College of Social Workers (BCCSW) but may be required by individual employers or for certain types of specialized social workers. These courses can be found in colleges, universities and online. Social work programs in British Columbia are also housed within traditional college and university settings as well as online through distance learning programs. A social work degree can prepare you for work in various arenas of social work, including family studies, human services, school studies, clinical social work, and public social work.

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