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Social Work Degrees in New Mexico – NM

You may apply to be a social worker in the state of New Mexico as long as you have a bachelor or master degree in social work. Those pursuing a social work degree in New Mexico will be happy to know that there are several levels of social work available for those with varying educational backgrounds. Those with a BSW can apply to be a licensed bachelor of social work (LBSW); those with a MSW can apply to be a LMSW; and those with two years of experience in addition to a master degree may apply for independent status (LISW).

Some schools provide a BSW/MSW combined program, which can be earned in less time than the traditional BSW or MSW earned separately. Certain coursework must be fulfilled in New Mexico, including a three hour course on New Mexico cultures. Most schools also have some sort of field experience requirement, for both BSW and MSW programs. Here, you can put into practice the classroom knowledge and skills you have learned thus far. Once licensed, the state of New Mexico has a continuing education cultural competency requirement of 6 hours of continuing education, every two years related to social work practice with New Mexico cultural groups.

Disclaimer: Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum, and employment opportunities are not guaranteed.

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