Social Work Salaries in Colorado - CO

A social worker salary in Colorado is fairly high in comparison with the national average, partially due to the state's higher education requirements. Colorado's social worker salaries vary dramatically with experience, tenure, education, demonstrable professional accomplishments and more, but first year social workers can almost always expect $57,000 annually or higher.

Variations in pay also occur based on location. Some expected first year salaries are listed below by city.

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado $58,000
  • Aurora, Colorado $61,000
  • Denver, Colorado $61,000

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), finding employment as a social worker in the next several years should not be challenging. The field is slated for a 16% growth by 2018, that's nearly twice the rate of normal annual growth in comparable industries. The medical and public health sectors of social work in particular show signs of promise, with a projected growth over the next several years of as much as 22%.

Social workers in Colorado can advance in their industry through acquiring supplementary education and professional experience. Migrating from rural to urban locations is another method of advancement employed by many social workers. While rural employment is often far easier to obtain, urban employers often offer better pay and benefits to more qualified individuals.

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