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Social Work Salaries in Connecticut - CT

A social worker salary in Connecticut is fairly high in comparison with the national average, partially due to the state's higher education requirements. Connecticut's social worker salaries vary dramatically with experience, tenure, education, demonstrable professional accomplishments and more, but first year social workers can almost always expect $57,000 annually or higher.

Estimated first year salaries for social workers in Connecticut are listed below by city.

  • New Haven, Connecticut $60,000
  • Hartford, Connecticut $63,000
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut $68,000
  • Stamford, Connecticut $78,000

Social workers in Connecticut stand to gain a comfortable living and a rewarding career, and prospects for students on their way to licensure continue to look good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the demand for social workers will increase some 16% by 2018, which is nearly twice the rate of normal growth. Social workers seeking employment in the public health and medical sectors can expect even better conditions, as the BLS reports those specific branches are slated for as much as 22% growth over the coming years.

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